Inktober 2015

For the second time, I joined Inktober, the challenge to make a drawing a day all october with ink pens.

I love to work with ink pens, but a drawing a day is quite a challenge. Last year, I made one drawing per week.

But this year I was determined to do 31 drawings, and take a picture and post in my instagram.

And I did.

But it was not easy, no. Some days I had no idea what to do… because I had a little time to work on something better. I chose a small canvas to work each day to be more comfortable.

I made a lot of cute chibis for the sake of easiness. Some drawings tutorials helped me to learn what I did not know how to draw. But I had a lot of fun, in general.

It’s a curious thing… to make room in your schedule every day to work on a drawing. And even more to someone who don’t work only with art. Being an engineering student by day and an illustrator by night it’s a kinda busy schedule.

And it’s so easy to procrastinate, isn’t it? When you open your eyes, you spend one month without finishing a thing.

It’s nice to do some art, and have a bit of improvement.

I heartily recommend to do some art challenges, because sometimes (for me) is the only thing that make me do art more often, and to remember to not get myself stressed about college so much.

But you know what? It’s November 1th and I spent the day kinda thinking I had to draw something, hehehe.


What I did:







So, YAY for me! 😀

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